Dr. Abhay Trivedi: A Renowned Cardiologist
Dr. Abhay Trivedi is an esteemed cardiologist of the Decatur region of Georgia. He is affiliated with the various hospitals in an area including that of DeKalb Medical in the Downtown Decatur and the DeKalb Medical in the Hillandale region. He obtained his medical degree from the ‘Maulana Azad Medical College’. He has been in the medical practice for over two decades.  
Being a cardiologist, Dr. Abhay Trivedi bird treats and diagnoses the heart diseases like coronary artery diseases, congenital heart defects, heart failure, and heart rhythm disorders. He has performed several procedures, such as cardiac stress tests, EKG and cardiac catheterization.
The ‘Cardiac stress tests’ measures with what difficulty a heart performs under’ physical stress’ for helping in the diagnosis of the coronary heart diseases. The various ‘stress testing’ measures include the exercise ‘stress test’ with the EKG, the imaging ‘stress test’ with the echocardiography and the ‘nuclear scan’ with the radioactive dye. The ‘electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG)’ is the non-invasive test that makes use of the leads on a body for measuring the electrical activity of the heart. The EKG helps in detecting the rhythms and the ‘abnormal’ heart rates. It could be part of the exercise ‘stress test’.
Dr. Abhay Trivedi bird is an accomplished cardiologist who performs the cardiac catheterization procedure proficiently. The procedure makes use of a catheter that helps in the diagnosis and the treatment of specific heart diseases. The catheter is inserted into the blood vessels of the groin, neck or arm and is threaded to the heart. A special kind of dye is used for the procedure.
He has done his medical school from the Maulana Azad Medical College and his residency in internal medicine from the St. Barnabas Medical Centre. He has earned his certification in ‘Cardiovascular Diseases’ from the American Board of Internal Medicine. He has even earned GA State Medical License which is active through the year 2019. During his career life, he has won many recognitions, honours, and awards. He won the CMS Stage 1 EHR in the year 2013 and the ACC Fellow certification in the year 2012.  
His expertise, experience, and knowledge have contributed to his phenomenal success as a doctor.