iPad Mock Up: Showcase Branding Strategies

What are your branding strategies? The best way to showcase them to a client or prospective one is through an iPad mock-up. It's the best packaging for you!

For experts, creating a branding campaign might be quite easy. After all, they are experts in that field. It’s how you get ahead with other professionals that’s a problem. Spend ample time to study and learn about the basics of effective branding. Take note that branding is significant for business success. You can’t grow and succeed as a business organization without it. Plus, you have to know the other essentials for your business, like the need to use iPad mockups.

How can you ensure that your branding campaign will be picked up? This is a great question, so to speak. One of the most vital measures is this. Make sure you get ahead by wowing them with your presentation. Sometimes, packaging matters. If there are two exact items with the exact same price but different packaging, which one would you choose? The one with the better packaging of course!

Here’s the thing though. Taste is subjective. One packaging may suit one person’s style while the other packaging will suit the other. However, there is always that packaging that is generally bad. That’s something that you should avoid. 

As for staying ahead, you can do so with the iPad mock up. A mockup is a visual tool. It’s a digital design created and produced by experts for the purpose of presenting and demonstrating a particular product line. For example, if you’re planning to produce a particular tangible product, you can use a mockup to present the idea to the stakeholders.

What’s an iPad mock up?

You need further elaborations, right? Mockup means a prototype of the actual item. In real estate, for example, you will see miniature houses to represent the actual house you will be buying. It’s almost a perfect representation of the actual house. In other words, it’s the mock-up of real estate. 

The mock-up is supposed to be a perfect representation. That means it has been scaled down based on the actual size of the product.

Sometimes, it’s not scaled down at all. A lot of studio condo units show off the actual size to give buyers an idea on what they are getting at. 
In the case of branding presentations, you will showcase it through an iPad mock-up. This means that the audience will see your presentation on an iPad as if it was already the actual thing. But take note, it’s not the actual thing. It’s just a visual representation of what you’re trying to produce or effectuate. Using a mockup is popular among product and UI designers. To get the interaction of the audience, they are utilizing this demonstration tool.

The good thing about this is that you can always find a free iPad mockup on the internet. There are possibly hundreds of them to choose from. That’s the good thing about it because you have options.

Business-wise, a lot of mockups can make your branding presentation more realistic. If you want to persuade your audience that your branding techniques are awesome, you can use an iPad mockup to demonstrate it.

This is usually in reference to the digital campaign. Your digital strategies are of course seen on mobile devices. This makes the iPad a perfect tool. For one, it is a mobile device. Secondly, it has a bigger screen making your presentation more visible. This is particularly essential when you have small details that you want highlighted during the presentation. 

There are also mockups that would really make your presentation realistic. For example, you take a mockup that shows a woman browsing through her iPad. On the screen of the iPad, you put a presentation that targets women. It’s realistic because your client can see an actual woman browsing through your campaign idea. On the part of the client, they can actually see how the branding activity will move the company forward. 

Realism is an important element because you want to put your client in that moment. When they imagine the future, they might actually imagine working with you. Got the idea? This is how great using an iPad mock up is.

What branding strategies should you showcase?

To answer the question: EVERYTHING! You can show off all your branding strategies through an iPad mock-up. 

Let’s start with what could arguably be a very important part of the business: logo. It’s important because it is the visual presentation of the company. That’s why the iPad mock-up is just the right tool. This time, though, you don’t need the other props to make it realistic. Those types of templates are for other strategies. 

You can just choose the simple template that features a large iPad. You need this especially if your logo is complex. Not all can have Nike’s swoosh as a logo. It’s so simple yet very effective. In case the logo you created is quite complicated and meticulous, then details are necessary. Hence, these details need to be showcased. 

You can use multiple mockups just to showcase the different facets of the logo. You can choose a mockup that just features the iPad in the middle for a generic look of the logo. Then you can use different angles of the iPad to demonstrate how the logo looks in different perspectives. 

Lastly, you can showcase the logo’s details through closeups. So, you need to find a mockup that does closeup for the iPad. 

More about branding techniques

Related to the logo is the name of the company. The logo and the name of the company usually go hand in hand. The storefront, for example, should have both. The logo is needed so that people will internalize it and the name is there for association. 

The logo and the name of the company should also be cohesive and such cohesion will be emphasized when you present them. Your iPad mock-up should feature the logo by itself, the name by itself, and the two items together. It’s also important to showcase them in various items. 

This time, you no longer have to stick to the iPad mock-up. For example, if you want to showcase the branding on stationery, then you have two options. You can use actual products for your prototype or you can do a digital stationery mockup. The latter will be more convenient. 

Besides, it’s great to show off your digital capability because it’s important in the next branding strategy…

Digital campaign

The brand needs online presence to expand its clientele. That’s a given. This was particularly glaring when the world had to shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic. The COVID-19 forced a lot of businesses to close. 

The goal was temporary shutdown but a lot of small businesses were forced to close for good because they couldn’t cope with the implications. You know which businesses survived? Those with the foresight to have an ecommerce section in their websites. 

Online presence is important. No one knows when the next economically crippling event will come so it’s best to just be prepared for the inevitable. That’s why your online branding strategy is necessary. You have to showcase how you propose the company’s online presence will play out through the iPad mockup. 

The two most important online objects are to have a website and a Facebook page. The others will follow but these two are the most important. The website is essential because it could also be a place for ecommerce while Facebook is the most popular social media network right now. Every business needs presence in the most popular networks. 

This actually seems like a fun creation for you. You have to craft your website design and Facebook proposal and put them up on the iPad mock up.