The Correlation Of Logo Design And Branding

Logo design and branding--they should come hand in hand. Logo is not just the visual representation of the company, it is also a brand identity.

There are 2 questions for you below. 
1.    Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?
2.    What should you do first, the logo design or branding?
The given questions are quite similar, don’t you think? Logo design and branding are two different things, yet very congruent. Reading this article can pave the way for you to have a clear understanding why a logo design is important for branding purposes. Your business needs to succeed. Its growth level depends on the awareness and recognition level of your brand. That is why you have to consider having a great logo design.

To be clear about it, branding is inherent in the logo design. Did you get the point? Clearly put, branding should be the core point when designing the company logo. But one might argue that the logo comes first because it’s somehow personal. Digging more facts to understand the context better is a must. 

What does that mean by the above-cited premise?

In most cases, a logo is something personal. Some people who start a business only think of creating something personal. So, the name is personal. It might carry the owner’s name. As a result, the logo will be the same. There are many instances when people create a business without branding in mind. The branding part comes in later when they know that they can already afford it. 

In any case, both still work with the right branding principles. These principles are connected to the idea that your business has to stand out. That is why you have to know that logo design and branding are very important to amass revenues and profits. Your business success depends on how a logo design is created and how it impacts on the branding aspect.

Let’s look at the two cases. 

First comes logo design and branding follows

No matter how many times experts advise people to start with branding so that marketing principles can be integrated in choosing the business name and designing the logo, it’s hard to do. Starting a business is already expensive enough. You want a large-enough capital to at least get you a place to start your business. You also need products and supplies. Plus, you need to hire people.

In the grand scheme of things, the products and supplies to start a business would be more important than paying for a branding firm. You can at least start earning money when you have the products to sell. The effect of branding is for the long term. It provides a master plan for the future, which hinges on what can be done even before the launching of the company.

Branding advantages will not be felt right away, except probably at the realization that everything the business owner has is professional in nature. Expertise and professionalism can be seen in every aspect of the business when a branding consultant is hired. That would be from the name of the company to its logo and even with how the staff is trained to deal with customers. 

But the reality is that that’s not always the case. In most cases, people want to start a business and they would do so on their own. They will do the paperwork by themselves and then think of the business or store name. Perhaps they will hire a designer to make a logo. But that designer may not even have a marketing background. 

But let’s say that in the future, the business really took off and it’s ready to expand its clientele. The business wants to thrive beyond the community. The next thing to be done is this. The owner will then hire a branding firm. It is an important move as far as reaching out the target customers is concerned.

What happens next? At the start, it might seem a bit messy. The firm might have to overhaul the company fundamentals. But that overhaul will have to be consistent. The business is taking off, which means it already has some loyal clients. The entrepreneur shouldn’t alienate the loyal customers during the branding process. 

The firm’s work would have to be centered on what is already present. If they create a totally different branding campaign, the loyal customers might not recognize the company anymore. 

Change has to be considerate. It also needs to be cohesive. The business should still be recognizable, but it should definitely up the ante. The logo can even change. But it shouldn’t be drastic. The products shouldn’t be changed, too. These are the most important things. These allowed the company to become bigger than it originally was. 

If change has to be employed, it could be towards the label and perhaps the marketing aspect. Instead, the business should introduce other products to lure in new clientele. This is a principle which can easily be executed but you need a branding firm to help you perfectly execute this.

When branding starts everything

On the other hand, if a person is still in the planning stages of starting a business, it would be wise to get enough capital to include branding in its list of expenses. Money set aside for branding is a worthy investment. 

First off, the firm can help the business find a name that is catchy. But it can still be personal. The owner will still have a voice even when branding is involved. In fact, the owner has the louder voice when choosing the name for the company.

What the branding company can do is help in making sure that the name is catchy enough that people will remember it. It can’t be too long. Every branding firm has a researcher that can help out with various factors when creating a logo design. For example, what color would be appropriate for the logo? The color should be consistent with what the company is about.

There should be congruence between the logo design and branding. It’s not just about what the owner wants to put in the logo, but more on what should be put on the logo. Of course, branding goes beyond the logo. But the logo is extremely important because it’s the visual representation of the company in all aspects.

In fact, in a lot of cases, the business might not have the space to include its name. However, there is always space for a logo. Branding, too, is about the overall company fundamentals. Part of the firm’s role is to create a tagline for the business, as well as create a personality for the company. Is it a serious business or a fun one?

As a result, everything else will carry that theme: from the product labels to the packaging to the uniforms of the staff and how the staff acts. All these will have to be transported to the online activities as well. 

COVID-19 effects: How to deal with them?

The coronavirus pandemic surprised many business owners. Many had to permanently shut down their bread and butter as the health crisis resulted in economic issues. These small businesses that closed resulted in many unemployed people. Some businesses had to do a late scramble to continue operating even with government-issued shutdown orders.

This mostly had something to do with having an online service so that people can continue buying from them even if the physical store has to be closed. That is the advantage of investing in a branding firm. Website, ecommerce and social media will be among the priorities of a branding firm.

The pandemic certainly made it known how such branding components saved some businesses. So, if you want your business to take off this year, 2021, you need a branding company to really help you have a great and converting logo design.