Top UX Designer Mentors On Twitter: Learn From The Best

Did you know? There are top UX designer-mentors on Twitter that you can actually learn from. Imagine getting lessons from experts and they're free!

Did you know? Twitter is actually a good place to learn some lessons. It’s quite hard to imagine that you actually learn about user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) on this popular social media platform. After all, these are highly technical design matters where aesthetics is essential. 

Twitter is a platform for people to share their opinions and ideas in 280 characters or less. Actually, in design, 280 characters is enough to convey an important message. Just couple the lesson with a photo or video.

So, stop being elementary when it comes to web architectural design. Learning is not limited within the four walls of the classroom. You should know that Twitter is also a great place to learn more about web design, particularly UX design.

Check out this list of the top UX designer mentors on Twitter where you can learn more about designing for the world wide web. UX designing is an essential aspect of business. No business can succeed without considering a user experience perspective and framework. That is why you have to know those mentors on Twitter who are specializing in UX and UI designs. They can really help you go to the next level. Your company can truly benefit from them. 

Are you already following one of the best UX designers-mentors on Twitter?

Get to know some of the top UX designer mentors on Twitter

User experience is crucial for businesses. This is a perspective which can help develop a great relationship between your business and your clients. A good UX design will definitely attract more clients to the business. An efficient user experience design will also breed loyalty. Therefore, you have to pay attention to this matter. You need a UX designer to basically help your business grow.

You see, having a great UX design is not just about aesthetics. It’s called user experience because it’s supposed to tap into one’s experience. If they had a wonderful experience while browsing or navigating a website, e-commerce or mobile app, then they would most likely return to the program again and again. When they have a positive experience, they will most likely purchase from the company.

Here’s another positive take: If they enjoyed it so much, they would even tell their family, friends and everyone in between about the company. Word-of-mouth marketing can become evident when one’s business is able to provide a great experience to its customers.

So, let’s check out the experts and see what they have to say about UX designs.

UX/UI Design

Twitter handle: @uxuidesign
Twitter bio: We tweet about web architecture, user interface, experience, interaction & engagement and we retweet good content. There are dozens of Twitter accounts that focus on UI and UX designs. However, this specific account has over 11,200 followers. That tells you that a lot of people are interested in what this account has to say. 

True to its word about retweeting interesting content, one such tweet was raised by Avantika Designeering Series, which raises the question on whether UX is a virtual experience or real experience. It was a good topic of discussion with most people indicating that it’s a real experience. It might be happening in the virtual world but the things that a person feels are real. 

What happens when a person is navigating a site with a terrible UX design? Chances are they will be frustrated. Frustration is a real feeling. By the way, frustration is definitely a feeling you don’t want people to acknowledge while navigating your design. The experience should only be a positive one.

Denis Pakhaliuk

Twitter handle: @Pakhaliuk
Twitter bio: CEO Ramotion – design agency

Pakhaliuk’s tweets are really about various things like bitcoin or Apple TV remote. But every now and then, he also shares about the projects of Ramotion, which is a San Francisco-based branding and product-design agency. 

One interesting Ramotion project he shared on Twitter was a list of the agency’s app icons that were designed as early as 11 years ago. Following Pakhaliuk on Twitter is also a great way to keep up with trends in UX design or in the tech industry as a whole. 

Liz Danzico

Twitter handle: @bobulate
Twitter bio: Part designer, part educator, full-time dog owner…

She’s also the vice president for design in National Public Radio. So, a lot of her posts are NPR-related. But there are also gems every now and then. Also, she posts about UX design job openings on her account. That’s definitely something that you can’t miss, if you are in the same field.

She has over 21,000 followers, too. Danzico may not be verified on Twitter but people do pay attention when she tweets. 

Michal Simkovich

Twitter handle: @musHo
Twitter bio: Design @…

He enjoys showing off logos and designs on his account, which obviously drums up interest among UX designers or those learning about user experience. Aesthetically, it’s also quite fun to just browse through his account. He shares so many designs that it’s just a feast for the eyes. He even shares his Windows screen, which showcases paradise from around the world. 

When you scroll through his account without reading his bio, you will immediately recognize that the timeline is that of a tech designer. 

Aarron Walter

Twitter handle: @aarron
Twitter bio: Product and design at Resolve to Save Lives. Author of Designing for Emotion…

He has close to 52,000 followers and is followed by Twitter’s Chris Messina. If Messina follows you, then you know you have an interesting Twitter account. Or maybe they are just friends. Still…

Walter also co-hosts a podcast called Design Better Podcast. He is basically teaching design on both Twitter and through his podcast. No wonder tens of thousands of people follow him. As expected, he shares topics of his podcast ahead of time. They are all very interesting for UX designers. In October, for example, the Design Better Podcast had on the show John Maeda, who is a high-ranking official at Everbridge. This is a company that provides communication services.

The topic of the podcast: Working at the intersection of design, business, and technology. It should be noted that one aspect alone will not make a success. A good design should be packaged with business principles and optimum use of technology.

Khoi Vinh

Twitter handle: @khoi
Twitter bio: Principal designer at Adobe working on AdobeXD and more…

He has close to 322,000 followers and is Twitter verified, too. Adobe, after all, is like the king software for design. 
Vinh posts about a lot of things including politics. Of course, he posts about Adobe too and uses words the general public actually understands. Here’s an example: “Very slick new #adobexd + VS @code integration is like the chocolate + peanut butter of design systems.” 

If you are a UX designer, this is a really great account to follow because you get real-time updates about Adobe. Through his account, you will also learn that the software company is working hard to evolve its capabilities all the time.

In general, these accounts are very informative when it comes to UX design. The five personal accounts, though, have a more varied timeline, tweeting about various topics. This makes the accounts interesting. On the other hand, the lessons tweeted for free are just too good to pass up.


Learning those people to follow on Twitter is essential so long as they are expert in their chosen field. UX design is a field which no business can’t thrive without. It’s a process wherein the main intent is to create a great product and/or service for the provision of a wonderful customer experience.