Top 5 drones in the world

It is hard to make a list of the best drones as the competition among the drones makers is so high but the still and the most frequently used is the DJI Drones and some other too.

Drones are one of the best devices you can have in this 21st century because capturing the aerial images and the videos to make are the best and the amazing thing that the person can demand of. For the drone to be considered as one of the best, the super stabilizer of the videos and the capturing of video is one of the best time that can have from a drone of the top quality. Drones are one of the best and the easiest to operate and you can learn it from a matter of minutes. Flying the drones for the purpose of aerial photography and videography is getting into the standards and the people are adopting this as a profession in life to be a drone operator for the coverage of the amazing aerial and breath taking views.

In today’s world the drone and the making of the new and the latest and much better drone is one of the key tasks for the people of the companies to make. There are so many amazing and state of the art drones in the world featuring amazing and latest features. Let’s have a look at the top 5 drones in the world:

1.    DJI Mavic Air

This is one of the best and the latest drone in the world and is foldable. The incredible portability is the highlighting feature of this amazing drone. The best feature of the camera is that it has 4K camera with the 100 Mbps speed. The best and the fastest obstacles detection and prevention is there in this all new Mavic Air. The fantastic range of the drone is 6.2 miles. The DJI Mavic Air is small and handy and it is really fast and can get to places where your imaginations stops. The amazing gimbal in in the camera and the 360 degree rotational movement can capture the spherical shape and the amazing images and make quality videos.

2.    DJI Spark

This one is a small and cheaper drone that has the amazing features of the gestures controls. There is an amazing automatic quick shot mode in the drone. There is controller available for this drone but it can also be done with your smartphone at your hands. This is fast and quick and there are a lot of amazing features like the brick size and is very handy. The range is low as compared to with the other ones and is just 1.2 miles.

3.    Parrot Bebop 2

The Bebop 2 is a low range drone for the people to enjoy and feel the art of flying the drone. It still has some of the amazing and great features to your comfort like the shake free video recording, the headset is there and the controller is there as well for the smooth and calm flight control. The range of this drone is just 300 meters and is one of the low flying drone. 

4.    DJI Inspire 2

One of the best flap ship level drone you can imagine of in today’s word. The drone is incredibly the heaviest in the list as it weights around 3440 grams. The amazing and the solid build quality of this drone is the stand out feature like the other one and the bigger battery makes it last longer in the sky with the addition of the 4280mAh. The fly range is also amazing with the 7km mark on it. it is one of the best and the complete package for the professional photography and the videography and the people can have it for the capturing of amazingly 5K video and images. The easy to use app and the easy controller makes it a toy to use. 

5.    ZeroTech Dobby

The nick name for this drone is the pocket drone. Yes it is incredibly small and efficient to be in your pocket. It weighs just around 200 grams. There are no controllers for this drone and has a 13MP camera resolution in it. The range of this drone is just 100 meters. There is a mobile app for the controlling of this mini pocket drone. 

There are so many more of the drone that are in the world and are being used frequently for the different purposes. The best and the most reliable that come for the purpose of either just flying high and see what does it looks like, capturing the videos for the use of amazing scenery and the photography purpose the DJI drones like the Mavic Air and the Inspire 2 are the best in the world.

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