Visual artist and performer

'Naakt naar het leven' | 'Drawn from life'
Short film featuring a live sand performance by Sylvia Wybenga
Directed by Jeanine Luxembourg

Stories in Sand and Light
Stories can be told magically in sand and light. Sylvia draws in sand, the audience follows her movements and images as the story unfolds. Sand drawing is a live performance which can be combined with music, theatre, storytelling and posing.
De Nieuwe Westfriese Rembrandt
Sylvia won the first prize in art contest 'De Nieuwe Westfriese Rembrandt' organised by Het Westfries Museum in Hoorn, the Netherlands. In 2015 the museum hosted ZAND, an experimental exposition of her work..
Calligraphic Nudes
With a wide, flat brush or a feather of a gull Sylvia portrays nude models who hold their pose for only two to five minutes. Using yellow ochre ink made of crushed oak galls or ink boiled from walnut husks, salvaged from her own garden.