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The fluid nature of web
Responsive design means design for various devices and screen sizes,  therefore your layouts must work well across all of them. In FROONT your canvas is fluid and all units are relative so your design adapts to the screen size nicely.
Design around the content
Content is the main part of your website and in responsive webdesign it makes sense to start with type. In FROONT fonts are rendered exactly the same way as users will see it.
See what you are designing
Webdesign is hard! We aim to speed up the prototyping stage of responsive webdesign – test your assumptions as soon as possible to focus more on the actual design, rather than repetitive coding. 

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Add some content yourself

Take FROONT for a test drive and add some content yourself! It is very easily to do – find an image on your desktop and simply drag it over existing content below:

Upload a bitmap image by dragging it over placeholder above – anything in JPG, PNG on GIF format will do.

Upload a Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG). You can create one simply by saving a shape as SVG out of Illustrator or any vector editing software you like.


This website is alive! Go and check it out by using the URL! Everything you create is automatically saved and instantly accessable from any device. Test your designs right away, share them with friends and clients.

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