Pre-written Essay

A pre-written essay is a literary piece in the form of a prose composition. Unlike research literary pieces/papers, pre-written essays are short and brief in nature. Pre-written custom essays are written from points of view that are personal in nature. Pre-written essays are non-plagiarized and unique in nature because they carry personal views expressed by the pre-written essay writer. The pre-written essays could be narrative, persuasive, interpretive, descriptive, analytic, argumentative or critical in nature. This grouping or classifying of pre-written essay papers is based on how the essays tackle the main topic which acts as the subject of the pre-written essay.


Today’s busy times have led to the development of companies that offer pre-written online essays. This is due to the fact that pre-written essays can be sourced online. The necessity of pre-written essay services has arisen because of the lack of time and expertise to write essays for themselves. At times, the technicality involved in writing an essay creates the necessity to outsource for a pre-written essay from a company that hires professional pre-written essay writers. These online writing companies offer pre-written essays to their clients at a fee.


Pre-written essays


Pre-written online essays are created in accordance to the clients’ requirements and specifications. The pre-written essays could fall into any classification of pre-written essays depending on the subject that the essay handles, as well as the manner in which it handles the topic-as stated earlier on types of pre-written essays. An ordered pre-written essay is written exclusively for one specific client in order to avoid plagiarism.

Pre-written essay writing companies like "writing paper service" should guarantee exclusivity of the pre-written essay. This is because most of the clients use the ordered to pre-written essay to create their own academic work or out rightly as their own work after slightly modifying the pre-written essay. Therefore, if the pre-written essay was plagiarized pre-written essay, then the client may lose marks and this will result to poor academic performance. As a result, any company involved in the generation and sale of pre-written essays should ensure that any pre-written essay generated by each of the pre-written essay writers contains original text. Therefore, despite the fact that pre-written essay writers and their companies are in business; a pre-written essay is never offered to more than one client-the person that specifically ordered the pre-written essay.


The tailor-made pre-written essay should precisely conform to the client’s specific requirements. This ensures that apart from avoiding plagiarism, the client gets an order that fits his/her designation. Most common specifications offered by clients ordering a pre-written essay include topics and subjects, citation styles, number of words and pages. Specifications could also be offered on the format and approach required in handling the subject.


A pre-written essay is not found, but it is rather ordered from a pre-written essay company. Therefore, any interested client that needs a pre-written essay should place an order with clear and concise specifications on how s/he would like to have his/her work written. All pre-written essay writing companies are found online and accessing is as easy as typing key words in to search engines such as Google in order to choose a pre-written essay company. Key words for seeking pre-written essay companies may be as simple as “pre-written essay”. There numerous online companies, and all client needs to do is make a careful selection of a pre-written essay company or ask a friend or college-mate to recommend a company for him/her.