The immediate order was given by Palm Springs City Manager David Ready that the weed lounges and commercial gyms be shut down.
Cannabis items can remain for pick-up sale or, if allowed, for distribution, but promptly, the lounge areas are closed.
Both corporate gyms are now inherently limited. Yet another training session is also permitted in homes or related locations.
This directive comes almost 24 hours after they have issued their identical mandate to close down all bars and pubs of the city to decrease the dissemination of the latest coronavirus including the palm spring dispensaries
Moreover, Mayor Kors advised establishments to cut their market ability to half.
That being said, the region has released a new medical order prohibiting public events of ten participants or more since the first local coronavirus deaths were announced, with meetings of less than 10 people providing ample room for keeping six feet of space between the members.
The 10-person cap prohibits medical clinics, food shops, child care centers, and eating choices.
"Restaurants must operate with a total of fewer than 10 people in the establishment, including employees and customers. Foodservice is essential to the community and we anticipate that many establishments will adopt take-out only policies as a result," wrote Brooke Federico, Riverside County Public Information Officer.

Specific suggestions of the healthcare system for the whole population of Riverside County residents: 
This Strategic Planning and Action Plan detail the activities of the global community that supports the preparation and reaction of all the countries to COVID-19. The paper takes what we have so far learned from the virus and converts it into collective planning that can direct both domestic and foreign stakeholders' actions in creating knowledge operating strategies at the national and provincial level.
• Exercise isolation from situations where citizens interact or assemble and, if necessary, avoid transport system.
• May does not report to work, university or occasions when sick just stay home.

• Coughing in your tissue or forearm.

• Clean your hands regularly with a hand sanitizer.

• Stay out with the sick person. Stay down.