How to write an opinion essay as a pro 

Opinion essays are among the most common types of articles written in schools and colleges. Students always ordering cheap essays online and get quality writing help in 1 day. But it is most often misunderstood as a belief. Although similar, they are not the same. An opinion is feeling a certain way about something not necessarily based on fact and knowledge. For example, if one says that "I like the way someone painted a portrait" it is an individual's opinion. A belief on the other hand is a feeling that something exists or is true, especially without proof. A religious belief is a good example.

You can choose your topic on anyones preference ñ sports, politics, drama, art, etc. But bear in mind that you should not write an essay on a topic that you do not know anything about. Therefore, you have to choose your subjects and activities carefully and from this, choose one or two which you can write passionately and with a deep knowledge.

Similar to argumentative essays, you need to decide if you are for or against the idea or the opinion of the other person. The best effect can be achieved if you give pros and cons argument. Try to make your essay bright and impressive as professionally written essays from It has to impress the reader, for you to score high.

Similar to narrative essay or expository essays, an essay on your opinion is straight forward although, giving only your opinion and viewpoint on a certain subject is not enough to get high scores. You have to support your words with citations of interesting facts and opinions from reliable sources and providing correct essay order references. While these essays are not difficult to write they do require patience, time and concentration.

The structure of the essay contains the introduction with a clear thesis statement, the main part of the work and finally the conclusion. Your opinion should be reiterated in a separate paragraph, preferably just before the conclusion. Remember to go through your final draft before you type the essay. Grammar and spelling mistakes, plus error in style will not benefit you in getting a high score. Add professionalism to the essay by structuring and organazing the ideas in to a cohesive flow and refer to examples available online in sites such as essayzoo for further inspirations.