Cyclist Raincoat – your new urban lifestyle essential

Cyclist Raincoat is a breathable, lightweight overcoat ideal for cycling. An everyday essential, determined to be the minimalist techwear item of your wardrobe.

Using state-of-the-art technology melded with a simple utilitarian design, the unisex Cyclist Raincoat is effortless to use - on and off any two-wheeler, protecting against all elements in all seasons.

Some call raincoats the Tupperware of the modern wardrobe, but we can change this perception if you join our journey and support our campaign.

senscommon introduces Cyclist Raincoat - a new unisex classic for urban living.

available for pre–order
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motion adapted design

Using the pedalling motion as a starting point, we designed an adjustable fit to accommodate a wide range of movements. A push–button fastening system enables the wearer to move freely while staying dry from head to knees, preventing the coat from flying around or blowing up in strong winds.

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29 September 2016 
20 September, 2016
14 September, 2016

available for pre–order
on kickstarter

pre–order now
senscommon, regular items enhanced for modern living

Cyclist Raincoat is the first product designed by senscommon, an Amsterdam based unisex apparel label.

Inspired by common clothes of the past, senscommon creates contemporary relevance through restraint, utility and simplicity - where the every day meets textile technology, and the construction influences the total look.


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