It feels as if time has stood still for ages. Only a sparse heartbeat bears witness to the time passing, thumping and echoing into the void of the mind and pulsating through fingers out into the open. Slow, heavy footsteps are swallowed by the burning sands. While eyes only see the never-ending hillocks of desert.

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The translucent layers as the pale transparent stalks of a burgeon. Split V shaped cuts as leaves, clinged to a stem that grow out one another flake after flake. Tightly yet gently embracing silhouette as a swaddled blossom that hasn’t yet awaken. 

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About us

A strong visual image and clean aesthetics is the quintessence of label’s identity. ‘Collar’ strives to dress the personality not a body type, seeing women as gentle, ethereal creatures, embodying determination and strength in a seemingly fragile beauty.

Swimwear, lingerie and accessories label ‘Collar’ was founded by its designer and art director Monta Apsāne, and is lead together with writer Ieva Laube, who enhances the label’s conceptual vision and visual aesthetics through textual narrating.

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