Utilising the best Uber Clone Script 


Making A Splash In The Taxi Industry

Becoming self employed is a dream held by many people. When it comes to self employment, and industry that is sometimes overlooked is the taxi business. However, there is always a demand for them. In recent years, there is one company that has taken the taxi trade by storm; Uber. 

The unfortunate case with Uber is that it has resulted in other companies losing a significant amount of customers due to the Uber business model and accessibility outmatching their own. 
Thankfully, there is a solution to this. The solution is to set up a taxi business using an app that mimics that of Uber. This sounds relatively simple, but some businesses will be claiming that doing this will require the use of a specialist application which will need to be built from the ground up. This is only partly true. The specialist application is needed, but it does not need to be created from the ground up. The reason for this is that it is already possible to buy an off the shelf Uber Clone script. 

An App With Limitless Potential

This comes from the team at Smart Car with their Nikola user interface. This takes the best parts of the Uber user interface, and tweaks it in such a way that it makes it even more user friendly and intuitive as a whole. 
In order to extend the reach of the business as much as possible, this Uber clone script runs extremely well on both the Android and iOS mobile platforms. It should be noted as well that the app will also see continuous updates during its lifecyle. This will help to improve the overall security, but it also makes the app more efficient. In addition to this, the updates can also bring about new functionality over time. Moreover, new updates will be applied when Apple and Google release new updates of iOS and Android respectively. This is to ensure that the software runs exceptionally well on the newest revisions of these operating systems. 

There are several options that are available through the dashboard on the application. This means that the whole user experience can be tweaked to stand out from other companies, such as Uber. It also means that there is total control over the options that customers can choose from.


The benefit of this is that should services be removed or added to a company’s priorities, this can be easily changed on the fly through the admin page. Since this functionality is already built into the software, there would not need to be any changes made to the app at the coding level. Not only does this save time in deploying these changes, it also means that there is not charge to do this. This is in contrast to a software change. In this case, there would be a charge for it. It would also require a significant amount of testing to ensure that the changes in the code had not had an impact on the software as a whole. During this time, the app would need to be taken offline which would result in a lack of customer. Thankfully, with this Uber clone script, this is not an issue.

Constant tracking built in as standard

Another great feature is the built in maps option. This means that not only can the owner of the business see where the drivers are, but the customer can as well. In the offline model, it is normally the case that a customer is given a time frame when the driver should arrive by. However, this is only a rough estimate and does not take into account any issues on the roads, such as roadworks.

However, by utilising map functionality, it means that the customer can see exactly where the driver is. It will also highlight if there are any issues in the area, such as accidents or road works (this feature is dependent on local availability of this feature).  This means that the company will not get a lot of phone calls asking why the driver has not turned up yet, which can often be a time consuming period. There is also an element of safety to this as well. Since the entire journey is tracked, the safety of the driver and also the passenger is assured. 


Of course, it is the case that it is white label product. This means that it can be fully customised by the company that is using it, and this is something that is already being done by various taxi companies. By having such an efficient and high quality app, it adds a real air of professionalism to the business as a whole. 
There are so many excellent points to it that it would take forever to detail all of them. For any new or existing business, the Uber Clone Nikola script is a something that should be at the top of the consideration list.