Arlo Motion Detection Not Working? Here's the Fix!

Motion detection is one of the most attention-grabbing and advanced features of Arlo. The feature helps in detecting the motion and then sending the signal to start capturing an event. After capturing the videos, it sends the clips to your subscribed email ID. This way, you can check the clips at the time you find convenient. At times, users report that the motion detection feature is not working well on their Arlo camera. This tutorial is intended to help you fix the issue in the best way possible.

Troubleshooting tips to fix 'Arlo Camera Motion Detection Not Working' issue

Activate Motion Detection

Sometimes it has been noticed that the Arlo camera is not able to capture moving people or events into its frame. The reasons behind the issue can be that the user has probably forgotten to activate the feature during Arlo setup and configuration time.z
In some Arlo cameras, the feature comes enabled by default, while most of the time users need to activate it from their own. So, before setup, make sure that you have enabled the feature. You can enable the feature either using desktop software or Arlo app

Update Firmware

This can be another reason behind the issue. If your Arlo camera login is running an outdated version of firmware, then camera motion detection problem can occur.
So, to avoid the issue, update the firmware of your Arlo camera to the latest version. It may not only help in fixing the issue but also assist you with various bug fixes.

Check your Email ID

While doing Arlo sign in a user is asked to register his/her email ID. The motion detection feature notifies about all the recording only on the registered email ID. So, check whether you are using the same email ID to access the captured clips or not. It might be possible that you have performed Arlo log in with one ID and checking other ID to check the clips.

Update Monitoring Software

There are an array of apps and software available that can be used to capture motion and trigger their alerts. To make use of such applications, you first need to enable motion detection and trigger notification system. On some devices, this functionality is enabled by default.
If there is any technical issue or bug in the monitoring system, it may also affect the performance of your Arlo camera. Therefore, it is better to update the software or apps to the latest version. This way also you can prevent the problem of motion detection.

Consider the Placement of your Camera

Arlo cameras flaunt PIR motion sensor. When the motion sensor flawlessly detects the motion but is not able to record that movement, it means that there is an issue. The reason behind not recording the movement can also be due to the reason that some cameras are not able to record things through translucent surfaces like window glass panel.
To get rid of such a situation, you are advised to position your Arlo camera at the right place where there is no object is interfering its way. Also, make sure to place your camera in close proximity to your router or hotspot. Placing the cameras at an apt height can also bring the difference to your overall experience.
We hope that, following the aforementioned tips, you would easily be able to fix the Arlo motion detection not working problem. In case the problem is still spinning your head and you can't get the fix of it, you are recommended to contact proficient tech support experts for Arlo cameras
To get in touch with an expert, shoot your query in the comments section. As soon as we fetch your query, one of our Arlo experts will contact you to help you fix the issue in the best possible manner.