Best Tips For Writing A Narrative Essay

A narrative essay is just like you are telling a story. These type of essays are usually personal, experimental and anecdotal and allows students to express themselves creatively. Writing a narrative essay is not that much difficult; your practice and understanding will make you write a brilliant essay. 

If you are facing any kind of issue in your writing, then don’t hesitate to seek paper help from any professional writing services. Many students find it challenging to write an essay just because they are not interested in creative writing. But, to score good grades in your exams, you need to work on your skills and improve your writing skills by practicing and reading books. 

Moreover, the narrative essay presents your experience and allows you to draw your own conclusion. Here are a few tips that will help you in writing a narrative essay. 

•    Clarity

Avoid using complex and ambiguous words in your writing. Your reader will not understand such word and would not be able to know what you want to convey. Use simple words and good vocabulary to make your essay more persuasive. 

•    Avoiding Second-Person Narrative

When writing a narrative essay, the author has to describe the experienced events so it should be in the present tense. 

•    Describing Events in Chronological Order

Make sure you write an essay in chronological order and describe all the events like how to move from point A to point C. The order should be the same as the things happened so the readers should understand in a better way.  

•    Avoid using Clinical Words

Don’t use the scientific words in your essay as your readers will not understand your point when they see such confusing words. Make sure to use active voice and use the same idiom and slang words in your narrative writing. 

•    Describe Short Events

If you want to write an impressive narrative essay, then do not choose stories that cover a long time. Describe the short events to save you and the reader’s time. Some students may think if you are adding too many details; it means you have enough knowledge, but it’s not like that. Make sure to avoid such mistakes when writing a narrative essay. 


Writing an effective essay will not be difficult for you if you follow these tips properly. We have gathered the essential tips for writing a narrative essay. It is one of the most interesting ones as you have to discuss your imagination, emotions and creativity. 

Now, it depends on you how you use your emotions to write an engaging narrative essay. Consult the academic writer for your queries.