MLA vs APA guide

MLA and APA are formatting styles that offer procedures like how to set-up the info that you have added in your research paper. Both formatting styles include similar information; you just set different requirements for each style. 

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The only thing you have to follow is the proper structure of the formatting style, whether it is MLA or APA. 
Understanding the Difference between Formatting Styles

First of all, it is essential to understand why there are different formatting styles. There are several reasons; each one has proved its value and is broadly recognized in many fields. Adding the proper referencing styles in your paper is the most important thing you need to understand while writing your research paper. 

The formatting style depends on the questions that you have to answer in your research paper, the way you have completed your research, and the procedures applied to the writing process. Now, it depends on your research and writing process, which formatting style should to consider. 

The general guideline for both formatting styles is similar like,

•    Times New Roman 12pt Font
•    1-inches margin
•    Double spacing

The main differences include the running head, title page, and block quoting guidelines. It is necessary to know whether you are working on humanity or scientific topic because both have different approaches to add the sources in writing. If you are writing on humanities, then choose MLA (Modern Language Association) formatting style. Provide evidence and support your thesis statement using the different formatting styles. In psychology work or social sciences, APA is preferred. 

Choosing the right formatting style for your research paper is very crucial. First, you need to understand the topic on which you are writing; then, you would be able to choose the proper formatting style. 


•    APA Referencing Style 

APA referencing in-text citation includes the publication year and author's name. For direct quotations, your in-text citation would be like this (Arena, 2007), and you can also include the page number, for example (Arena, 2007, p.12).

•    MLA Style 

MLA specifies a standard format for academic writing. Include the author's name in the header, and page number should be one the top of each page. 


Many people get confused and don't understand the difference between the MLA and APA. Some students think maybe both are the same, but it's not like that. It is necessary to understand the purpose formatting style you are using in your research paper.

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