What Part of my Life Should I Include in My personal statement essay?

A “sample essay about myself” or admission essay refers to a literary piece that is written specifically to support a student’s college application. Almost every college and university today requires school applicants to submit a sample essay about myself to help college admission evaluators determine whether they are qualified for enrollment or not.

To make a sample essay about myself more interesting, students usually search in Google "pay someone to write my essay" or ask for help in other students. They tell stories about their life, their love, their beliefs, their experiences, their achievements, their ideals, and their dreams. Here are some of the questions you have to ask yourself to help you decide on which part of your life should you include in your sample essay about myself:

Which graduate programs do I intend to pursue?Law school? Medical school? MBA programs?

Asking yourself about which graduate programs to pursue is very important when writing a sample essay about myself because the anecdotes you have to tell and the topics you have to discuss in a sample essay about myself must be of some relevance to the specific graduate program you are applying for. For example, inserting an anecdote about how you performed a first aid procedure when you were seven years old will be impressive for medical school evaluators but not so much for law school evaluators.


What are my dreams?

Most college admission evaluators will require you to write a “sample essay about myself” on your hopes and dreams. Reflect on your life and try to recall the event in your life when you realized that you really wanted to go to medical school or to law school. It may be the time when you got a Doctor Barbie for Christmas or when you watched an Ally McBeal episode on TV. Remember that moment when the bright invisible light bulb appeared on top of your head and you said: “this is what I want to do”. After identifying that eventful day, write down the reasons why the profession appealed to you and explain your future plans. Through a sample essay about myself, show the college admission evaluator a part of you that wants to make a difference in this world.

What are my achievements?

Students have the tendency to verge on conceitedness when writing about their achievements and that is not a good thing. Many students, mostly student leaders or honor students, fail to get accepted to most Ivy League schools because their sample essay about myself are too boastful for the college admission evaluators taste. One way of inserting your achievements into a sample essay about myself without sounding conceited is to present them in a story-like manner. Instead of saying you got elected student body president because you’re the most popular guy in school, explain how you managed to get your fellow students’ votes. Recall the challenges and hardships you experienced during the campaign period and relate them to the reason why you deserve to get accepted in their MBA programs.

Writing a sample essay about myself is not that hard. It is actually the only component of the college admissions process that you have total control of. Writing a sample essay about myself is just like telling a story. Your story. Your sample essay about myself doesn’t need to be Pulitzer-worthy. It just have to be honest, interesting, and sincere enough to make the college admission evaluators say: “you’re in!”.