ROK Commander Guide 


There is a lot of benefits to playing Rise Of Kingdoms PC. First, you will have a lot more fun without lag. Pc always will have a better connection to the internet while your mobile network can lose a lot of packets. Also with rise of kingdoms on pc, you will be able to play without in-game lag. We all know how big fights with a lot of players can break your game but that will not happen in your play on pc. Also, you can play any game that is for mobile on your pc. 

Commander pair and Best Commander tier list 

In Rise Of Kingdoms, you have a lot of different commanders but they are some bad and some good. Each commander haves the best pairing that will work best with him. You must be careful especially if you are a new player. I could writhe the whole day about commander pairs and the best commander but You can visit Rise Of Kingdoms Guides for more info about commanders.  


Rise Of Kingdoms – The Best Legendary Commanders 

Rise of Kingdoms game is one popular mobile game that is common among the youngsters. This game is a multiplayer fantasy game in which one can choose a suitable weapon and use the skills to win the game. In the game, Rise of Kingdoms, the prime part is the best legendary commanders who are the strongest of all. These legendaries are not available in the beginning, and one can unlock by some farming. Some rare legendary commanders are also available, and to unlock them one must play some events. By determination and commitment, one can unlock these legendary commanders and play the game. Know the top 5 best legendary commanders and play the winning game. These legendary commanders come in diversified backgrounds, some have the potential to command mixed armies, and some can lead specialised troops only. Match their best commanding forces with your game to perform better.


To weaken the targets, one can choose Attila, one of the best legendary commander. By pairing with the powerful cavalry commanders, win the enemies with the impressive debuffs equipped by the commander. Attila can increase the speed of march and therefore he can mobilise around the battlefield at a faster pace.

Why Attila is the best commander?

Increases the normal damage of the attack, including the counter-attack. 

Resistant to silence.

With less army strength, he can increase the damage against enemies.

Improves march speed and attack of the cavalry or troops.


Alexander the Great

If one wishes to withstand large attacks from the enemies, the tough legendary commander, Alexander the Great can be the best choice. He can provide support to other commanders. One can make the perfect choice by selecting Alexander as the commander. The incoming damage is absorbed by the shield. Alexander can boost the troops potential, increasing the percentage of damage. He is a flexible commander among other commanders in the Rise of Kingdoms gameThe speciality of Alexander the GreatHas the potential to absorb incoming attacks.As a great field commander, he can do a balanced defence.Can alleviate the healing process of the enemies. Has an improved march speed.

Guan Yu

Guan Yu is one of the best commanders who can increase the number of target attacks. He has the potential to increase the damage percentage, making him a unique warrior on the battlefield. If you wish to have an offensive commander in your battlefield, then choose Guan Yu and win the battle. 

Why Guan Yu is a unique commander?

He has an active and powerful skill to attack the target.Better ability to self-heal.To attack enemy cities, Guan Yu is the better choice.Has the potential to reduce the percentage of enemy attacks by 30%.

Yi Seong-Gye

Control and command your battlefield by selecting Yi Seong-Gye as your commander. He is a specialist in increasing the damage rate of the enemy, and all the enemies step back to face him. Using one of his passive skill, the percentage of the skill damage is increased additionally to 50%. He can generate rage at a faster pace and can fire arrows quickly. To grow fast and defeat the enemies, select Yi Seong-Gye and win the battle. The uniqueness of Yi Seong-Gye  Considering both defending and offending, he is very powerful.

Faster Rage Generation capacity.

Considered a winning commander among others.


By doing expedition mode, one can obtain Aethelflaed easily. She can hit up to 5 targets and is one of the powerful commanders who can do tons of damage. She can help to increase the level of commanders, with high experience. In large battles, the enemies combat potential can be reduced drastically, increasing the winning chances. 

Why do you need to choose Aethelflaed? She best and free legendary commander. Has the ability to hit multiple targets. Suitable for barbarian farming. Can work with any troops, therefore very flexible. Choose the best legendary commanders for a good and optimal gaming experience with the commanding forces.