Connecting Points
Released in the spring of 2014
Cover: Edgars Zvirgzdins 
Artists: Oskars Pavlovskis, Inga Erdmane, Tron Karton, Reinis Hofmanis, Kaspars Grosevs, Ieva Kraule, Andrejs Strokins, Lazy Bra, Alnis Stakle, Arnis Balcus, Dace Sietina, Edgars Jurjans, Andrejs Lavrinovics, Imants Aurora Daksis, Biruta Fogele, Maija Kurseva, Ilze Vanaga, Evelina Deicmane, Martins Zutis, Ieva Raudsepa, Roberts Rurans, Evita Goze, Arturs Korss, Reinis Lismanis, Toms Grinbergs, Paulis Liepa, Liva Rutmane, Liena Bondare, Diāna Tamane, Romans Korovins, Ivars Gravlejs, Reinis Petersons, Klavs Loris, Viktorija Eksta, Janis Klaucs.

Editors: Andrejs Lavrinovics, Maija Kurseva
Popper Magazine is the first Latvian illustration magazine, established on 2012 and made by enthusiastic artists, passionate about the visual form of illustration.
If it’s said that picture or photograph can speak a 1000 words for itself, then we believe that an illustration can speak and reveal much more than that. Therefore, our goal is to communicate with people through visual language and also to make a contribution to the Latvian cultural life.
From 2014 our concept has changed a bit and now we are "Popper Publishing". "Popper Publishing" is going to be a platform for books, artzines and other projects about illustration, graphic design, photography and fine art. Our main focus will still be on illustration with good old original Popper Magazine publishing.
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Mr. Popper
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Riga, Latvia
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