Illustrated report for YOROKOBU magazine

Among hundreds of applications, the artist was selected for an artistic trip to Switzerland. The result: this inspired illustrated report.

"To reach the summit of the Jungfrau, at 3,454 meters high, there is a train from which you can contemplate how the slopes of the mountains ascend. No train goes that high in Europe. There, from its platforms, you can contemplate an unusual landscape. This was what many researchers, poets and painters of the nineteenth century were looking for..."  Text by Mar Abad, translated from Yorokobu magazine:



A new come-back to graffiti and wall art, since his early works in the 1990´s and 2000´s.
For Cantabria en Mural and Año Jubileo.  Inspired by medieval illustrated book art.

New comic for JOT DOWN magazine

Comic illustration for one of the leading cultural magazines in Spain. A short-tale about the Spanish rol in World War II, through the memories of a soldier.


"Nieves & Esteban: The Notebooks"

Just released in 2017: seventeen tales of magic and everyday life in the Bay of Biscay. (64 pages). 


For European project "Comix".  (Ink, pencils and Copic markers). Inspired in the Victorian Era.

Fine print suite from handmade illustration series

"Urban Delights". Originally painted with Copic markers.

Illustration for new scientific discovery

The  discovering of the so called "Red Lady" or "Dama Roja" in El Mirón Cave have been one of the major events in recent archeology of the prehistoric ages in Europe.

Pablo Burgueño has been the artist commissioned to recreate the appearance of this old lady from the Magdalenian Era, very close in time with the awesome creations of the Altamira Cave. 


Vintage postcard illustration

Special commission from the United Kingdom.

The focus was to recreate the colorful lithographic looking of early 20th postcards. The illustration is made using watercolor, pencils and digital coloring. The portrayed house is a masterpiece of the Victorian Era, linked with the Arts & Crafts artistic movement.

Wall art new series

Pablo Burgueño has been one of the artists chosen to participate in Cantabria en Mural (Cantabria in wall art).

The event is taking place in different locations, where the artist leave his footprint of color and symbolic ideas. At the same time, artistic workshops are developed to introduce new generations into wall art painting.

Illustrated report about Switzerland

"The chosen ones to travel to Switzerland are Jade de Robles , writer, graphic designer and creator of video-tales; Pablo Burgueño-Cue, illustrator, sculptor and graphic novelist; And illustrator Gemma Capdevila . Almost 350 nominations have come from people deserving of telling the experience of feeling the mountain breeze, describing the intense green of the forests..."

Drawing performance in Madrid

(Spanish text)

Durante el encuentro de arte urbano "Pinta Malasaña" el artista realizó una intervención de dibujo en la Calle San Bernardo, donde numerosos viandantes pudieron contemplar la realización de la obra. Para esta ocasión, ha creado un universo de toons con los que abordar cuestiones candentes de la actualidad.