It'd been a terrible tragedy. Six months ago Paolo's girlfriend of four years, Bebe, had died in a hot air ballooning accident. She was incinerated in the sky at fifteen thousand feet. Well, at least she had gone out doing something sort of cool. But obviously it was a terrible blow to her family, Paolo, and her many friends. It'd been half a year since the incident and they were just beginning to get their lives back on track again. Bebe had been an artist all her life. She loved to sketch and paint, and was a big fan of everything from the old European masters to modern manga. She could sit down with a pad and pencil and draw anyone's portrait in a matter of minutes. Her career however, had been in social work, mostly with teens and children. She never got free sexy hentai gifthe chance to get it off the ground because of her passing, but she'd been working for about a year on a manga graphic fantasy/sci-fi novel that she was writing about a group of teenagers and the adventures they'd have. Paolo had carefully kept all her sketches, paintings, files and notes with the idea that someday he might tie them all together and get her work published. He was going to make sure the insurance money left to him from her death would go towards realizing this. Paolo was well underway completing Bebe's graphic novel. He'd enlisted the help of Kayla, one of Bebe's design college classmate-friends, and had done a lot of work on it himself. It'd be ready for publication in a matter of weeks. Paolo sat alone in his once shared apartment in the dim light of a single bedside lamp nursing a glass of brandy and water. He held a framed picture of Bebe in his left hand. How he missed her! The grief was still so fresh. Yet he never let himself fall into the pit of hopeless depression; she wouldn't have wanted that, he knew. So he fought hard to keep his head above water and carry on. Everything would be ok in the end. The brandy helped. He sighed, downed the rest of his glass squeezing a tear from each eye and stood up. He headed resolutely into the kitchen for one last cup of booze before bed when he saw big bobbes mature hentai porn gifsomething which nearly made him jump out of his skin. It was Bebe, standing there in the doorway... Paolo dropped the glass onto the carpeted floor and stumbled backwards, his heart suddenly racing in his chest. 'No! No! No! I am not going crazy!' he cried all alone in the apartment. ...Or was he alone? 'Baby, calm down, don't be frightened,' it was Bebe! Speaking to him, it looked as if she were standing right there daraku reijou the animation gif! 'What the f-!? Bebe?! What am I seeing here?? Hello?! Who's here!!' he yelled at what he was seeing, suddenly angry and afraid. 'Honey, it's me, your Bebe...' Paolo's jaw quivered and his hands shook. He sank to the floor onto his knees, perhaps so in case he fainted he'd be closer to the ground. No words came out of his mouth. He just stared sadly at the image of his lost love, and tears began streaming down his face. 'Oh no please, don't cry!' and Bebe walked, or rather slightly drifted, quickly towards Paolo and came down to him and held him in her arms to comfort him. They rocked together like that on the floor until Paolo's tears finally ceased. 'Bebe e hentai goku gif??' he said incredulously. 'Yes. I know, I'm dead. You know I'm dead. I don't know how or why exactly, but I know I'm back for a little while. Not 'back' back, you understand? But just... back to see you, my aunt Patrica, and maybe my mom and dad. Just for a little while, ok? I'm sorry; I don't know how this happened!' 'This is so... unexpected. Well... I guess I'll have to say that I believe in ghosts from now on. I mean, unless this is just a dream, which it probably is. Maybe someone put some kind of shit in my drink or something...' 'No, no shit in your drink, baby. But listen, I know this is a shock, I'd feel the exact same way you're feeling. I'll be back tomorrow, that way you'll know it's not a dream, ok hentai grounds dancing girl gif?' Paolo didn't say anything. 'By the way, I can see what you've done with my book. It's fantastic, thank you Paolo! And tomorrow I'll show you something else we can do... But for now, even if it is a dream, how would you like to get your cock sucked by a ghost?' Again Paolo didn't answer. But he didn't protest either as the ghost of Bebe undid the fly of his jeans and pulled them down off his legs, then did the same with his boxers. She took his swelling dick into her hands and jerked it slowly and lovingly like she'd done a thousand times before when she'd been alive. She lowered her mouth onto the head and began to suck his cock as he lay there on the floor. It felt so real, so hot, so wet, so amazing... It was driving Paolo mad that he couldn't tell if he was dreaming or not. So he decided to just sit back and enjoy it. 'Yes, baby...' he said softly. He reached down into her loose fitting maroon-colored sweater and cupped one of her enormous natural G-cup breasts; there hadn't been any bra. 'Mmmm!' Bebe moaned encouragingly, savoring her boyfriends erect dick in her hard sucking mouth free hot hentai best friends animated gif. She jerked his shaft into her sucking mouth as he cupped her boobs below. 'Lemme see your asshole sweetheart, I wanna touch your asshole as you suck my cock!' He'd always loved to play with her ass while getting head in this way. They stood up. Bebe took off her jeans and thong and they kissed, one of Paolo's hands reaching straight down to her wet, waxed-smooth ghost-cunt, and the other hand straight behind her to her waxed-smooth ghost-asshole. She stroked his cock, and he filled both her pussy and her asshole with his fingers and wiggled them around as they kissed, bringing her off. Then she got down onto her knees in front of him like he'd asked, and began sucking on his cock again. Paolo leaned forward, his cock in heaven in her sucking mouth, and cupped both of her wonderful, huge, heavy hanging boobs beneath her sweater, before reaching back and grabbing both her big, gorgeous ghost-ass-cheeks and spreading them apart to gaze at her sexy brown asshole from above. He'd always loved this position getting head, and it was driving him crazy- dream or not- to be doing it once again with the girl he though he'd lost forever. 'Oh Bebe, I'm gonna cum in your mouth! Don't fucking stop big tits anime incest porno gif!' He slid the middle finger of his right hand up her ass, lubed up from her own pussy juice, and pumped it deep in and out of her hot tight hole as she sucked hard on his near cumming shaft. In moments he exploded, blasting rope after rope of hot cum down his deceased lover's throat, his finger up her hot tight asshole as deep as he could shove it. 'Mmmmm!' moaned Bebe's ghost as she swallowed all of Paolo's load and came herself, still sucking hard on his spasming rod. Her pussy gushed ghost-pussy-juice all over her thighs and the carpet. 'Oh Bebe, I love you!' he grunted, exhausted and lying down on the floor in a faint. 'I love you, too...' were the last words he heard fade away as he fell into a deep sleep hentai rape gif. ... The next day Paolo awoke on the floor, the evidence of his dried sperm all over the carpet. He thought sadly that it must have been a dream. But that afternoon in his office, she came back to him! He was less startled than he'd been the night before, merely scared out of his fucking skin. 'Baby, we don't have that long, so I want to show you something cool. Who's your favorite hentai babe?' said the apparition of his dead girlfriend. 'Bebe, is it you??' he squinted at her image. She was clear as day, only slightly fuzzy around the edges sexxy hentai watch gif. 'Yes! Just accept it, and answer the question please.' 'My favorite... um, ok. I think you know the answer to that one, it's Etsuko! Your character, from your book.' Bebe's image suddenly shifted into a life-sized one of Etsuko, her hot leading female anime/manga/hentai character! She looked so real, and yet like a living cartoon straight out of Bebe's paintings and stories! She was as tall as Paolo, about six feet, with a perfect figure: long, shapely slender legs, a miniscule waist, a big, gorgeous, perfectly rendered ass in ridiculously tiny and tight hot-pink shorts, she had the big Japanese manga eyes all full of sparkles, the tiny manga mouth and cute shaped head, enormous, perfectly round, inhumanly pert, gorgeous tits and massive hard nipples jutting out from her ridiculously skimpy frilly white bra-like top, ass-length golden blonde hair which curled about in Bebe's smooth artistic sytle, large, bright silver star earrings, schoolgirl calf-high white cotton socks and glossy black slightly platformed schoolgirl shoes with buckles. All this in surreal holographic cartoon, stylishly drawn in Bebe's own distinctive, sexy style. It was her hentai character Etsuko hentai gif fuck, to a T! Then she flashed back into Bebe again. 'See, isn't that cool!!' Paolo's mouth just hung open. Bebe approached him and touched his arm. She seemed so real, so substantial nana fuck anime gif. She then slowly let herself fade back into Etsuko. Obviously Paolo had never seen anything like her before! It was startling but... fucking sexy as well. 'Paolo?' Bebe-as-Etsuko said, 'It's me, Bebe.' She didn't speak in Bebe's voice, but in a sexy, girlish, squeaky, high-pitched hentai-sounding voice instead. 'I'm a ghost, but don't be frightened! Remember how we made love last night? Well let's do it again, but you can make love to me as Etsuko! How would that be?' He looked the real life sexy hentai ghost babe up and down. Smiled, and his dick started getting hard in his pants. He reached out and tested her tits. They were substantial! Firm, smooth and soft, like plastic beach balls. And very light colored, like a manga painting of a girl. He peeled her top down and caressed her hard, hentai nipples. They felt like a cross between plastic and flesh. He sucked one of them. Meanwhile 'Etsuko' was undoing his fly. He looked into her sexy plastic hentai eyes, and they kissed. She squeaked/moaned not in Bebe's voice, but in Etsuko's. 'Oh yes, Paolo!' squeaked Etsuko. 'I can feel you just as if it was my own body- it is my body; I imagined it!' '...Wow!' was all Paolo could mutter as he sucked on one of her gigantic tits and reached around and cupped her perfectly rendered, hentai ass, his dick rock-hard to fuck her. Etsuko reached down and caressed his raging erection. She kneeled down and began sucking his cock in her tiny cartoon mouth... ... The next room over was another office, where Kayla had been working on putting some of the finishing touches on Bebe's graphic novel, when she thought she heard something from Paolo's side of the wall. She'd been listening to music in her earphones, so it was hard to tell. 'Paolo?' she called over, taking off her earphones, 'Did you say something to me?' There was no answer JK to Ero Konbini Tenchou uncensored hentai gif. She got up and stretched her arms and legs, and walked over to the door which separated the two rooms. She opened it a crack and peered in to see if maybe Paolo hadn't heard her, or if he was even there at all. Indeed Paulo hadn't heard her because he was too busy getting his cock sucked my the ghost of his dead girlfriend in the hentai-ghost form of her sexy character Etsuko! But all Kayla could see was Paolo standing there with his pants off and his hard dick thrusting slightly back and forth into thin air! She gasped and quickly shut the door quietly behind herself in embarrassment. What the fuck??? she was thinking. She decided to take another peek, so she pulled a chair up to the window in the wall separating the two rooms and carefully pulled one of the vertical blinds aside so she could see what was going on. The same weird sight greeted her eyes! 'He must be crazy!' she thought to herself. 'Doesn't he know I'm here in the next room?? ...Oh, that's right!' she remembered, 'I came in through the other door with the key he gave me; maybe he doesn't even know I'm here. Shit! Maybe I should leave...' She took another peek and found that it was making her horny to see his naked cock thrust out into the air like that. 'Well, maybe two or three seconds more won't hurt anybody...' she thought, as she stared out at him from her hiding place. ... 'I've just gotta fuck those tits, babe!' Paolo told her as they both disrobed completely. Etsuko kneeled and held her massive firm white plastic spherical beach-ball-like tits together in place for him to fuck. She let a pile of saliva fall from her mouth into the tunnel of her cleavage to lube it up for him. He then slid his raging dick up between her gorgeous cartoon-ghost tits from underneath and slid it up and down in the tight pussy-like sheath they created. 'Oh fuck, that's good!' he groaned as he fucked her unreal boobs Soukan Rensa hentai gif. After some time he told the sexy cartoon ghost, 'I wanna taste your hentai pussy, baby...' 'I can't wait to feel your tongue in my pussy, lover!' Etsuko said and she sat down on the black leather couch and splayed her inhumanly long, slender cartoon legs wide open to put her pussy on full display for her lover. Her legs reached nearly from one end of the couch to the other, and it was a long couch! Etsuko's pussy was white as snow, like the rest of her body, immaculately drawn, yet real, completely smooth as plastic, and sexy as all fucking hell. He dipped his tongue between the folds of her cunt. Again, they were a strange cross between cartoon, flesh and plastic, but so real and substantial against his probing tongue. Her boobs had tasted like nothing at all, but her pussy he realized, didn't taste or smell like a pussy, but like fresh oranges instead! Bebe had always loved fresh oranges... Her cunt began to drool a subtly fresh-orange-smelling cartoon-ghost pussy-juice as he ate her out brother sister incest hentai cumshot gif. She whimpered with pleasure as he explored her cunt and massaged her cartoon clit with his tongue. Meanwhile, his erection raged to be inside of her. 'I'm sorry,' he said after a few minutes, 'but I've just gotta fuck this sexy pussy right fucking now!' 'Oh, fuck me!' squeaked Etsuko as Paolo got up and planted his cock into her smooth wet hentai snatch. 'Oh shiiit!' he groaned as his cock slid up the most unbelievable smooth sexy pussy imaginable. 'Oh fuck yeah!' he grunted, grabbing her ridiculously firm plastic white beach-ball tits as he started to fuck his fantasy-girl's cunt. 'Who'd have ever thought??...' he trailed off as he jackhammered his meat into her hot, tight wet sexy surreal pussy-hole. Etsuko was giving of a steady stream of hentai sounding squeaks of pleasure as he fucked her, 'Uyng! Uyng! Uyng! Uyng!...' punctuated by the wet sound of his hard dick fucking her wet sexy cunt, squishing and squeltching with his every thrust deep up inside of her. 'Now my ass! I want you to fuck my ass!!!' Etsuko nearly screamed. Paolo slid his cock out of her cunt, and flipped her over onto her hands and knees on the couch for him to fuck her up the ass in 'doggy.' 'You ready, sweetheart?' he asked, his yearning dick poised above her big, perfectly drawn bum. She arched her back low, and it was just about the sexiest thing he'd ever seen in his life... 'Fuck yes. Slide your cock all the way up my bum, lover! Fuck my tight little asshole!!' Paolo slathered up her asshole with her own orange flavored pussy juice, and pressed the tip of his cock down and into the tight hole of her ass. It slid up her hot, cartoon shit-tunnel with relative ease and they both let out a moan. Paolo went wild with lust at this unbelievable situation and began fucking her ass like a man possessed japan cartoon xxx gif. Her reached below and grabbed her massive tits as he jackhammered her shit-hole for all he was worth, his sweat flying off him in all directions. Etsuko's squeaking had become nearly one long continuous vibrating squeak of lust as he rammed his dick deep in and out of her surreal tight slippery asshole like a crazy man. ...Kayla had been spying on him from the next room. She still couldn't see Etsuko, so Paolo looked pretty crazy there fucking thin air! Her hand was by then full-on masturbating her own wet pussy underneath her business skirt as she stared at Paolo, apparently just wildly fucking the thin air in front of him on the couch. She'd always found Paolo to be quite handsome and this was really turning her on... After some time, Paolo sat on the couch and repositioned her so that she was sitting in his lap. She straddled his straining manhood and guided it back up her perfect, hot, tight, wet brown hentai bum-hole. She slowly sank down on it, taking it all the way up her ass till it was as deep as it could go. 'Fuck me, baby...' she whispered in his ear. He kissed the cartoon apparition, grabbed her perfect ass, and began hammering up into her tight insatiable shit-tube (wondering briefly whether or not ghosts still have to shit, before returning his full attention to pounding her tight sweet sexy butt.) ...To Kayla, it would appear that he was crazily fucking his hard dick straight up into thin air again. She whimpered softly from the next room, nearing her orgasm as she spied on him and played with herself. 'I love you, Bebe...' Paolo said, compelled, as he rammed his dick deep and hard up her ass from underneath over and over again. 'I love you, too, Paolo!' she replied, this time in Bebe's own voice. ...And her image gradually shifted to that of naked Bebe, as he'd remembered her, his cock still jackhammering up her tight, ghostly asshole. 'I miss you so much, babe!' he blurted, nearly crying now as he fucked her. 'Why'd you have to die!' 'I know, I know,' she soothed, 'but you don't have to miss me any more, ok? It's time to move on...' 'But I don't wanna ever forget you, Bebe!' 'You won't! But it's time to accept things and find a new way. Now fuck my ass hard, lover; make me cum crying lesbians anime gifs!!' Paolo blindly fucker his lover's asshole like he'd never fucked anything or anyone ever before. ...In the next room, Kayla came hard, gushing all over her hand, her hips bucking beyond her control. At that moment Paolo came too: his huge white load of cum shooting up and across the room in a graceful high arc, splattering right onto the window where Kayla had been spying on him and dripping slowly down the glass (but deep up his lover's ass, to his perception.) 'Ooooooh!' moaned the ghost of Bebe as she came also at that same moment, shaking and gushing all over Paulo's dick below her... ... They caught their breath, embraced and kissed passionately once last time. Finally, Bebe got up off of him. 'Goodbye, my love...' she said. 'Goodbye, Bebe...' Paolo replied as she faded away anime 3d sex gif. Kayla yanked her white thong back on and snuck out of the office as stealthily as she could, so as to avoid any embarrassing situation with Paolo. ... About a week later, Bebe's graphic-novel was finished, staring the super-sexy Etsuko; it was gorgeous!! It was soon published, and it did very best animated couples gif. Kayla asked Paolo out a few weeks after that, and he said 'yes.' And they've been happily going out ever since.