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Natural medicines
You can and should use plants and cereals growing around you, as well as other natural substances in order to treat those ailments that can happen to you in an extreme situation. Remember that the many medicines that you purchase in pharmacies are made from plants that grow around us. Infusions (extracts obtained as a result of cold infusion) are usually made on leaves or flowers, and Navar (extracts obtained by boiling) - on the roots of plants. Observe the dosage, drink infusions or navar three times a day, and for their manufacture use only freshly cut plants. Do not use natural medicine in larger doses than required - this will do more harm than good.

CLEANING Wounds and skin lesions (apply externally!).

Infusions: chamomile, clover, nettle, elm, chandra (except for the roots), undergrowth (except for the roots), goose cinquefoil (except for the roots), nettle (except for the roots) and yarrow (except for the roots).

Broths: burdock, comfrey, mallow, marshmallow and oak bark.

Juice: oyster mushroom and watercress.

ANTISEPTICS (apply both internally and externally): garlic juice, mallow leaves and flowers, althea broth, horseradish and thyme.

AT HIGH TEMPERATURE: chamomile, elderberry, elm, lime.

FOR COLD AND Sore throats.

Infusions: common gingerbread, blueberries, borage, chamomile, comfrey, chandra, lime, medunica, mallow, mint, nettle leaves, plantain, undergrowth, thyme and yarrow.

Decoctions: angelica forest, burdock, marshmallow, oak bark, wild rose stems and willow bark.


Infusions: cumanica, elm bark, hazel leaves, marshmallow, mint.

Broths: blueberries, norifice and tansy.


Shock treatment

A state of shock can lead to death. In an extreme situation, you need to be able to recognize the symptoms of this condition and treat it. It is useful to remember the rules developed in the US Army. If the victim is conscious, lay him on a flat surface, raising his head and legs 15–20 cm. If the victim is unconscious, put him on his side or at least tilt his head to one side so that he does not choke.

• If the victim is in a state of shock, do not move or disturb him at all. • Keep the victim warm.

• If the person sweats profusely, take off his wet clothes as soon as possible and change them to dry ones.

• Insulate the victim from the surface of the earth with a layer of clothing, dry foliage, or the like. Shelter must be built over the victims to protect against precipitation.

• Use hot liquid warmers, hot food and drink, and the heat of your body to warm the victim.

• Food and drink should be given to the victim only if he is conscious. In no case do not give food to the victim with internal injuries.

• Rest the victim for at least 24 hours.

ANTALIPOTIC AGENTS: infusions of the roots of bracken, noric and tansy.

There are still a number of ways to recover from certain diseases that you should be aware of. If you get dysentery, swallow charcoal. Another method of treatment is the extraction of tree bark for a long time - from 12 hours to three days. Evaporating water must be replaced. The resulting broth will have a dark, almost black color and a bad smell, but nevertheless you need to drink it - it will help you recover. Tea also contains tannin, as well as bark, which helps in the treatment of dysentery. If you have worms, drink some gasoline (if you have one). You will feel bad, but worms will be much worse.

Larvae can be used to clean wounds. Leave the non-bleeding wound open for air to enter until larvae appear in it (especially in a hot climatic zone). At the same time, make sure that the larvae, having eaten dead tissue, do not take up living ones.

Rotorm - Tactical Products

Signaling and navigation
If you decide to leave your parking lot and start moving towards civilization, you definitely need to know how to determine your location and direction of movement. In addition, you must be able to effectively send signals to attract the attention of the crews of search and rescue aircraft and helicopters.

If you are a tourist, you should thoroughly study the area in which you have to travel, and stock up with its maps. Carefully study the maps - they will give you information about the main features of the relief and help you develop the right route. In addition, it is always useful to remember the direction of the prevailing winds and the time of sunrise and sunset, as well as the prevailing weather. All this data will be useful for you in calculating your location. If you find yourself in an extreme situation and you most likely don’t have a map at hand, it’s doubly useful to learn as much as possible about the territory in which you could potentially be.

Navigation is not only the ability to read a map correctly; it is also the ability to correctly read the relief of the area in which you find yourself, the ability to find the right direction for several outstanding features of the relief, as well as the ability to compare the relief in which you find yourself with a map.

When you choose a card for yourself, make sure that it meets your requirements in a timely manner. For example, a map made on too small a scale and showing any, even the smallest feature of the relief, is useless if you are going to cover a distance of the order of a thousand kilometers. This seems obvious, but still too many people make this mistake.

Maps contain a wealth of information. Do not neglect this information, especially if you have a card and it is always available to you. Learn to read the map freely so that you can use the data that it provides for you at any moment.

LINES OF EQUAL HEIGHT. These lines provide information on elevations in meters (sometimes there is a conversion to feet in the fields).

VARIOUS COLOR COATING OF THE AREA shows the nature of the relief with both lines and color.

SCALE is usually indicated on the margins of the map. The scale is indicated by the fraction and denotes the ratio of distances measured on the ground and on the map.

CARD LEGEND is given, as a rule, on its fields. All topographic symbols that are used on the map are indicated and explained in it. These symbols are not the same for all cards, therefore, when using any particular card, always pay attention to its legend.


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Rotorm - Military Products

Three directions to the north
The north direction indicated on the map by meridian lines may differ from that which you use when orienting on the terrain.

TRUE DIRECTION TO THE NORTH - a direction calculated from accurate measurements of the movement of celestial bodies and the sun.

MERIDIAN DIRECTION TO THE NORTH - the direction in which the meridian lines of your map are oriented. From the meridians on the map, all azimuths on the map are taken.

MAGNETIC NORTH - the direction in which the needle of the magnetic compass points and from which all azimuths on the ground are counted.

To take the correct navigation measurements you must remember these three directions to the north. If your compass is equipped with a tuning control and you know the correction of the deviation of the magnetic compass and the true north for a given area, you can simply make this correction and take the true azimuths with the magnetic compass. You can also determine the direction to the true north by observing the North Star, the Southern Cross, and also using the method using a watch (see below).

Card usage
It is best to stock up on military-style cards. They have various scales, for example 1: 50,000 or 1: 25000. Remember that you need a map at the scale that best suits your goals. The most difficult process when using the map is to compare the lines and symbols of the map and the real terrain.

The COORDINATE GRID on the map in the form of squares is very helpful in determining distances. It is very easy to find a point on the map by its coordinates. Coordinates can be specified with a six-digit number - the first three digits indicate the coordinate along the abscissa axis (top or bottom edge of the map), and the second three digits along the ordinate axis (right or left edge of the map), this coordinate designation rule is also called “along the corridor, up the stairs. " The sides of each square in the grid must be mentally divided into tenths and hundredths to accurately determine the coordinates. In fig. 57 coordinates of the point are expressed by the number 205556.

CARD SYMBOL. Knowing the symbology used in compiling the map, combined with the grid, scale and ruler for determining distances, will give you enough information to determine the coordinates of the points of your location and destination and calculate what time it will take you to get from one point to another.

Survival in extreme situations. SAS Experience

LINES OF EQUAL HEIGHT. The terrain on the map is represented by lines bordering imaginary horizontal sections of terrain produced at regular intervals in height. The reference point is in some cases sea level. By learning to read lines of equal heights, you will get a fairly complete picture of the bends, folds and depressions of the terrain in which you have to move.

Lines of equal heights are drawn at equal intervals above (and below) the reference plane, for example, sea level, each of the lines marks the intersection of an imaginary plane located at a certain height and the terrain. The interval between imaginary planes is indicated on the margins of the map.

Lines of equal heights are usually brown, every fifth line is thickened. These lines of equal heights are called reference lines. They have gaps in which a figure is placed marking the height of a given line above sea level. Lines of equal heights between support lines are called intermediate.

Using lines of equal heights, you can determine the height of any point on the map above sea level in the following ways:

• Using the color in which this height interval is filled (on a physical map on a large scale) and determining what height above sea level corresponds to it.

• Having found the reference line of equal heights closest to the point of interest on the map, on which its height above sea level is indicated, count the number of intermediate lines of equal heights lying between the reference line and the point of interest to you, determine whether the terrain increases from line to line and, using the value of the interval between lines of equal heights given in the legend or on the margins of the map, calculate the height of the point of interest to you above sea level.

Learn to recognize the following terrain features on a map using lines of equal heights:

HOLM - a relatively small area of ​​local elevation. Typically, hills have sloping slopes on all sides, and on the map are indicated by lines of equal heights, located like waves from a pebble on the surface of the water.

VALLEY - a river bed with a plot of flat land of considerable area in the middle, and on the sides limited by elevations of relief. Lines of equal heights denoting the valley may have the shape of a horseshoe, and the side lines forming it can run parallel to each other (and the river flowing in the valley) over very long sections.



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