prototyping experiences

SERV 321 - winter 2016

professor Mauricio Manhaes







starting from ant-tell-agent to the craziest words, verbs, adjectives

make weird groups

grouping together words with almost no connection between each other, creating very strange clusters or words





the winning stories


We started with five stories based on the groups you see to the left. From here we consolidated to a group of 3 stories to “prototype” or to test with people not associated with our project. We needed these stories to be memorable to the people we would tell them to. We wanted them to internalize our story. After discussing our stories with our class and getting 'feed-forward' we improved the stories. Our process of prototyping the effectiveness of our stories was to share the story with many different types of people and to come back a day or so later to ask about what they remembered.

testing the stories


We told our 3 different stories to friends, students, professors, staff and random people at a local coffee shop. In order to understand what were the most remarkable things they remembered we took handwritten notes as well as a voice recordings after couple days. 

The following are our first prototypes


"The reason I grew up so fast is because when I was younger my mother made me invent my own language. I had to recite this language to her while dancing salsa and shooting an M16 gun at the same time. Now I stomp and create my own wine while I operate on dolphins."

dancing salsa with a gun - dolphins



"A community of women working for Monsanto were contaminated by pesticide. Their babies were born with 8 legs. Years later they realized that their babies could also speak 8 different languages. These children of Monsanto became sucessfull scientists who discovered a cure for cancer."

pesticide/contaminated/poison - 8 - legs -  successfull -  languages


"The president of Denmark was jealous that his entire country was too happy. He brought in martial art fighters to make people fight against each other. It became so successful that one town got out of control and people start cutting each other into small pieces."

 Denmark - kings - chopping people into pieces  


original stories

people's feedback

final story to nest the service




"A community of women working in Denmark were contaminated by pesticide when learning how to surgically operate on dolphins. Their babies were born with 8 legs. Years later they realized that their babies could speak 8 different languages, knew how to dance salsa while shooting M16 guns. The now grown babies ended up cutting their mothers into tiny pieces with their own scalpels."



"8-legged dolphins chase people down and cut them into pieces"

"Dolphins releasing their inner anger and rebelling against humans."





ant - tell - agent

An ant, feeling small and helpless, represents how every animal on earth feels about humans, destroying their habitats and killing their species. Humans are 'agents' since they have strong positions of power in the matter. Even though animals try to "tell" messages to humans, these are never heard.


ANT- TELL - AGENT is a metaphor portraying a frustrated and never heard message told by animals.


8-legged dolphins chase people down and cut them into pieces.


When this situations repeat over and over again, real anger is created and the dolphins have no way to release it. Since dolphins can not speak and express themselves they resorted to killing.

A service to help people express difficult things in a perverse way without a face-to-face interaction. To friends or enemies; it doesn't matter cause they'll never know.


You don't even know it's coming. The cards look sweet and innocent (like a dolphin) but actually... they are not.


Sender picks card and content from stock or records a custom message. 

postal service

Card is sent to specific location and time, if wanted, without revelling the sender's identity.

picked location

Receiver opens a friendly looking card to find an  unexpected message inside. Audio messages  play non stop for an hour.

Clap back

Receiver gets triggered to respond and discover its free in the process. Fun fact, the sender doesn't know about the reply!




take a look at people's reactions

Once the sound starts, it doesn’t shut off and only way to stop the sound is to break the voice recorder into pieces.

just. like. the. dolphins.

the anti-business logic

Hi, there! I'm left!

After thinking about our story and creating Dolce Vendetta we realized that we had created an anti-business idea. This anti-business ideology offers the antithesis of what a popular business offers in the present, for example hallmark. Hallmark is the perfect example of a sweet and nice card that you would get on a birthday. Dolce Vendetta tries to offer the exact opposite, an edgy card with a mean and embarrassing message that won't stop until you break it. Being funny and mean at the same time, Dolce Vendetta would be a service created to revamp the postal and card services with this surprise delivery. This anti-business logic can be applied to several businesses and industries.

Half Foods

'Make America Taste Great Again'

american proud
Junk food

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