Why are micro fiber cloths the best option for cleaning car?

As most people have heard already, microfiber cleaning cloths and materials are the new must have item of the year. It’s easy to understand why as they are clean, they do a great job and more so than that of a traditional cloth, and they’re convenient in a lot of ways. 

They’ve worked wonders in hospitals, and are great at cleaning homes with, but what if I told you they can also help your car looking a lot better than it did before? That’s right, that microfiber cleaning cloth also known as a detailing cloth, can be used on the interior or exterior of any vehicle to have it looking and smelling fresh. 

Why use a micro fiber cloth to clean your car?
This may not seem obvious, but let us ask you something that might help this to make a bit more sense to anyone who hasn’t the experience in using a micro fiber cloth before. Say you just got a brand new vehicle and you want to wash it and make it look nice. Now when you wash it, would you rather use a scouring pad or something softer and gentler? 

Obviously, you don’t want to scratch the paint or destroy that new car so you want to go with something gentler. This is where the micro fiber cleaning cloth comes in to play. As its soft you’re not going to find any scratches on that new vehicle of yours, however it’s also durable which means the microfibers are strong enough to remove dirt and grime. With a cloth like this you’re really getting the best of both worlds. They won’t wear down as easily as a regular towel and are easier to clean.

What other uses do they have on cleaning my car?

  • So, we know they’re safe enough to use wash the body of your automobile, but yes, they also have other options that they can be used for:
  • Washing tires/rims.
  • Polishing leather seats. They’re strong enough to do the job, but gentle enough to not tear the material no matter the type of upholstery.
  • Dusting. Whether you’re wiping down the dashboard, electronics and so forth.
  • Windows can be washed or cleaned without leaving streaks or scratches on them. 

There really are endless possibilities of how a micro fiber cleaning cloth can benefit you when using it to clean out your vehicle. Many products used may simply rub the dust and soil in to the material of the vehicle instead of removing it.

With a micro fiber cleaning cloth, you’re actually drawing the dirt and grime in to the cloth which means it’s being lifted up and away, not being scrubbed in to the interior of your vehicle. They’re great to use when sanitizing and are gentle in all the area’s you need to be while strong enough to do some of the harder work you may need done.