Can You Be A UX UI Designer Without A Degree?

Being a UX UI designer entails an expertise that can be learned. It's a technical profession that not all can do. But do you really need a degree to be one?

The designs for the user interface and user exchange are very technical. An ordinary person cannot do it. But do you really need a degree to become a UX UI designer? There are facts cited in this blog post which will help you understand how to become a great user experience designer. Maybe, you might be thinking of going to school to take formal studies related to this industry.

Question: Is it really a need to go to school to become a great UX designer? The answer is no. 

Let’s have some related information as to why you don’t really need a degree to become a user interface designer or user experience designer. However, you do need to be educated about it. There will be some kind of learning needed, but not necessarily in the classroom. There is a process which you can undertake even without enrolling in a formal school. This is the main point why you have to pay attention to this blog article.

You should know, though, that classroom learning is still important. It doesn’t have to be for four years or so until you get a degree. It is a time-taking process, to say the least. You should at least learn the basics.

Classroom setting doesn’t have to be in a college or university. It could be in the form of a seminar or training. At least you don’t have to spend years learning about it. Furthermore, if you’re going to school formally, you need to spend a lot of money.

Learning process to be a UX UI designer
The thing about a degree is that it’s attractive to a lot of people. There are some clients who consider a degree as the prime of learning. But that’s not necessarily true. The best teacher is experience. You’ve certainly heard that before, right? It’s true though. It is only through experience that we become hardened and we learn. That’s more of a general notion. If you meet an accident, you will learn from it. You will learn from what you did wrong. If you didn’t know anything wrong, then at least you know that accidents may happen because other people can do idiotic things.

It’s the same with designing. At least, mistakes don’t have to be life threatening. Experience is the best learning to become a UX UI designer. The problem is, you will not be able to get experience if you don’t have knowledge about it. There has to be education involved. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for schooling though. The internet is also a good teacher. So many people learned various things through the internet. In some cases, there will be online classes that you have to pay for. But they are not as expensive as university.

However, if you are truly resourceful, you can get free education online. There are sites that give training for free. So while it is not necessary that you get a degree, it is actually necessary that you learn the basics and principles behind user interface and user exchange. Of course, you need creativity and knowledge to create great UI and UX designs.

Self-learning is a factor
Now, if you really want to learn about UI and UX design, it is important that you have the passion for it. This means that since as far as you remember, you have loved tinkering with the computer and doing designs on it. Ask yourself if you’re really inclined to it. If you can feel the drive internally, then it’s quite good to pursue this career. Otherwise, you’re just gonna waste your money, time, and effort.

When you are younger, it is understandable that you don’t understand user interface and user interface yet. But this should mean that you are interested in how the website works and how it is designed. If you are so passionate about it that you can actually critique a good website from a bad one, then you are most definitely on the right track to become a UX UI designer.

Creativity should be innate too. While the user interface and user exchange designs are more than just about creativity, that passion to create attractive things should come out naturally to you. It’s called a design for a reason. Although, there are principles and guidelines behind the design.

Guidelines and principles can be taught, creativity cannot. Creativity also improves over a period of time. So, you should practice all the time. When you do that, then you are ready to learn how to become a UX UI designer. 
The two are actually separate things. There are some designers who are only experts in user interface, while some are experts in user experience. However, if you are going to learn by yourself, you might as well learn both, right? This will give you a better edge than others.

Now, let’s talk about your self-learning. If you are not going to invest thousands of dollars to university, then you should really invest your time and effort into learning the principles behind user interface and user exchange. I say principles rather than basics because there is nothing basic about these design projects.

There are books that will teach you the technicalities. That will help you move forward. Learning is always about facts and the practical aspect. While learning the practical aspect is better, there are many advantages to learning the concepts. This is so when you get to the real world, you will know what people are actually talking about.

After the books, it’s time to practice and exercise on the computer. Put into practical projects the concepts that you learned from the books. It’s basically like going to school but at your own time and pace. It’s actually more advantageous to learn by yourself because you have the freedom to choose when you want to learn. That will give you a more relaxing atmosphere. It’s also like a one-on-one kind of learning.

Learning from experience
When you are confident that you have learned enough from your self-education, then you can join the real world for real experience. The best way to go is to join a web development agency. You can apply as a paid intern. It has to be paid because there is so much brain and time needed to do UI and UX designs. Of course, you have to earn your keep before you get the pay that most UI and UX designers get—and it’s a really good pay.

So, why do I say that joining an agency is the best way to gain experience? The agency has everything—web development, web application development and mobile app development. But more than that, there are also marketing and social media aspects to the creation of digital products.

Basically, you will have a holistic experience because of the collaborative effort of the agency. Creating a website means having the right knowledge of the web developer, UX and UI designer, research team, marketing team and social media team. The design should have a marketing influence as well. This must be done for the purpose of achieving dramatic growth and dramatic success. You have to apply for web-solution-related jobs out there. By doing so, you’re giving yourself a chance to learn a lot of things from the real world.

Eventually, you will learn how to create a UI and UX design that is integrated with marketing principles. Your design will be smarter because it caters to the target audience. That’s what research is for. When you’ve learned everything you need, then you can become a freelancer. When you become one, there can be a greener pasture waiting for you. The UX and UI industry continues to expand nowadays. Monetarily, it’s a lucrative career. Wanna try? Be ready!