Show Off in Your Front End Web Developer Portfolio

Nobody wants a showoff. But sometimes, you just need to. So show off your amazing credentials in your front-end web developer portfolio.

When the novel coronavirus came into the world, it had a large impact as the entire world is severely affected until today. Some parts of the world are still on lockdown because of the devastating effects of the virus, which causes coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19. 

Did you know that one of the bad impacts of COVID is in relation to brick-and-mortar businesses? Let’s try to analyze it deeper, further below.

The devastation caused by the virus wasn’t limited to health. The entire world’s economy was badly hit, too. There is not a country in the world that didn’t experience economic difficulties. Some companies have to shut down because they don’t have customers anymore. The malls, food chains, and other industries need to close their stores.  

What is apparent is that people need to continue living. Some are working from home and others have to find ways to cope with the devastation. Some business had to adapt. How? They had to bring their business online. 

Large businesses have websites, that’s for sure. But some of the startups didn’t need to because they thought that the community is always there to support them. But when lockdowns were ordered, customers were gone.

They were forced to stay at home after all. Businesses, though, need to survive. Businesses put food on the table. 

Now is the best time to take your expertise to the next level.

Front end web developer portfolio

But take a look at the brighter side of the matter. Even if there is a gloomy scenario along the way, still opportunities are open and available. The implication here is that despite the COVID-hit economy, the world is now following the so-called “new normal.” In business context, there is also this new technique wherein businesses will be given the opportunity to have a prosperous venture through boosting the Internet presence of their brand. Now therefore is your opportunity to really shine if you’re an expert front end developer. As a front-end web developer, you have a very important job as businesses go online. They would need a website that is highly performing. 

Of course, how would they know that they should be hiring you? That’s where the front end web developer portfolio comes in. You know what you should do? SHOW OFF! Yes, this is about design and functionality. There is really no sense being modest in your portfolio. However, you should know what to showcase in your front-end web developer portfolio.

UI and UX frameworks

User interface and user exchange are two separate things. However, these two are interrelated. While there is a UI designer and a UX designer, it is actually important that these two designs are cohesive. 

Look, the UI design is about the physical layout of the website. How neat is it? How understandable is it? So it’s actually more than just how the graphical interface looks. It’s also about how easy it is for the user to figure out what to do based on what they see. 

On the other hand, the UX design is talking much about the product’s functionality. This is really the essence of front-end web development. It’s about how well users can navigate the page. 

Drive performance

When you are involved in web development, your portfolio certainly looks different. Most portfolios are hard copies that people can hold and see. For tech people, a portfolio is digital. Now, if you want to have an attractive front-end web developer portfolio, it has to be fast. 

This should be pretty understandable. Who wants a slow website? Nobody! Even if you haven’t gotten the job yet, you should be able to showcase how functional your output can be. Go back to your previous front end developer projects. Find the projects where you know the drive performance is top-notch. 

Here’s another important component that should be highlighted in your front-end web developer portfolio. How do you do this? You need to show off various projects that showcase different themes. Don’t put ALL the projects you have done in the portfolio. No one wants to check everything—nobody has that time. 

The lineup you want to show off shouldn’t have a sort-of identity that will get back to you as the front-end developer. You may be the developer but the website is about the company. It should showcase the identity and personality of the company.

Just choose at least five. Now, the five should look like they were made by different people. You know how some people have projects that look exactly the same? That shouldn’t be the case because each project is about a different company and a different set of goals.

Let’s be more specific. Let’s say that you are presenting your proposal to a startup selling bread. For versatility, you show your projects: gardening, restaurant, technology, cake and jams. Cake and jams are quite similar—they are about one specific product but with different flavors. Then you have three other topics that are very different from the cakes and jams. 

Now, with your top five projects, two of them should be of similar nature and should be representative of what your prospective client needs. So what’s the point of the cake and jams?

Since your prospective client sells bread, you should be able to showcase how you plan to present their products to the public through your website. Since cake, jams and bread have a similar niche, the client will have an idea on how their website will look like. 

Not only that, the client will get an idea on what they would want in their website through the samples that you have just shown. 

Expertise is necessary because the prospective client wants to know if you could give them what they want and need. 

Importance of front-end development
It’s called the front end because it is what users see and experience. The developer basically translates data into the coding language that then results to what is displayed on the website. It’s a very technical job.

Website development is really a technical task but more so in the front end because there are coding languages involved. The developer should have knowledge with the basic HTML and CSS as well as the JavaScript for a more intuitive website. 

Some people may have inadvertently landed on the website. Since it was attractive, they decided to navigate further. The entire page is so interesting. The images are great and the content is informative. While going from page to page, the user realized they really want to purchase the products displayed on the website. And so they do!

But the importance is really more on the conversion. A well-designed website leads to market conversion. How? First, attraction. Most of the users of the website are those who purposely visit the website because it has what they need. So they visit the website and notice the interface. They either like it or not. But since they are there for a specific purpose, they navigate the website further. Unfortunately, it’s really slow. The potential customer leaves the website. 

Now tell me, if the page was really slow, would the user end up buying? Of course not! They would leave as soon as they experienced a lag in the performance. 

Showing off your capacity as a front end web developer portfolio holder can be your passport and gateway to succeed in the website and online marketing industry. You just have to hone your skills well. For sure, you can have a lot of clients nowadays because the “new normal” dictates that people should observe physical and social distancing and the like. If it’s not that important to go outside, they should have to stay at home. Buying things can mostly be done through the comfort of the corners of their houses. So, if you’re a front-end web developer, you will be one of those who will help various businesses in spending time and exerting efforts to make brands visible and highly competitive on the Internet.