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The true experience 
of music.
Technology that enables listeners to hear music exactly as the artist intended.
Coming soon to music playback apps and devices.
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Each song deserves 
to be represented true 
to its creators intentions.
Every listener should feel music 
in its original beauty.
Soundigo is a new music creation and playback standard compatible with all existing file formats. It enables a music listening experience that delivers exactly the same sound character as originally intended in studio.
For the first time, artists can define how their music should sound and consumers can experience that exact sonic vision irrespective of the playback device used.
And we want to give each and every listener an opportunity be present at the moment of creation.

Expect a radical change in the music industry in 2015, when products and music with Soundigo feature will be launched.
More information about the technology, roll-out plans, and cooperation opportunities is available upon request. Please submit your contact information if you would like to learn more about how to participate in the Soundigo revolution.
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