Let your users customize their content

Grow your business by adding a customization feature to your product. Froont Instant Page Customizer is an embeddable service that allows your users to modify design and content of existing pages.

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Froont Instant Page Customizer
Froont Instant Page Customizer embed

Embedabble into your product

Froont Instant Page Customizer extends your product with giving the user ability to modify the design of content they create. It's best suited for services where users produce similar pages like landing pages for events or storefronts of digital marketplaces. With the customizer your users can personalize the design and layout of their pages.

Froont Instant Page Customizer

Easy to integrate

Using our powerful API it can be easily added to your service or product. Your data is safe – Froont Instant Page Customizer loads the data from your system and sends back the modifications. We can add variables, tracking codes for certain content or create multiple variants for A/B tests.

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Anything can be customized

You can define the level of customization. It can start with a single color and end with blocks of content or the whole layout. We support user roles and attach features to the plan your user is on by giving more options to higher tiers or selling premium features. If you reach limits of our block structure, we can create special components for your custom content.

Other powerful features

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Embed the Instant Page Customizer through an API into your system and save months of developing and maintaining those features yourself.

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Support of user roles

Based on your user roles you can define the level of features that are available for the user. This makes it easy to combine the Instant Customizer with your premium features.

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Fully responsive

Our Instant products are built on top of technology that runs our Froont Designer. That means all the components are responsive and mobile ready from the start.

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Define the level of customization

Your users can change text, images, colors or the whole layout. It's up to you how deep the customization goes.

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Your data is safe

The pages you create are hosted on your existing infrastructure. We load them for editing and send back the modifications.

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Save development time

Focus on your core business and we focus on ours – delivering and constantly improving the best page builder.

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Our pricing is based on the amount of users and the amount of pages created, so fill out the form and get a quote on the pricing!

Get a quote

Our pricing is based on the amount of users and the amount of pages created, so fill out the form and get a quote on the pricing!